US $12 Trillion Reasons Why The World Needs You to Teach Project Management

Project Management TrainingThis week, I was interviewed for an article for During the interview, the need for more organizations and professionals to offer project management courses became so obvious.

Consider the following facts: roughly US $12 trillion will be spent on projects each year (1/5 of the world’s gross domestic product) with average projected new jobs of 1.2 million yearly for the next decade. At 30% attrition rate, try to imagine the need to train and retrain these project management professionals.

If you are planning to start or strengthen your project management training business, there are plenty of resources out there that can help you. You can start with PMI’s standards and

Interestingly enough, good project managers may not necessarily translate into excellent teachers. For want-to-be teachers, until we can bridge that gap, there will always be a shortfall.

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