Three Things My Dad Taught Me

Johnny and JohnBeing my first Father’s Day without dad, it’s apposite to share three things that he taught me that made a profound impact in my life.

First, expect nothing but the best. Class Valedictorian. Perfect 4.0 GPA. Aim for the top. But do it without stress. He felt that as long as you have the right intention in mind, regardless of the outcome, you’ll always come out on top.

For every paper or exam that’s a 100%, he gave me one peso. Lots of positive reinforcement. He was always there. It worked. So I did the same for my children except that I gave them one dollar. They graduated as valedictorians too.

Second, be well-rounded to be successful in the world. He signed me up in karate and Scouting. As a senior officer in the Special Forces, a judoka and a Scout himself, he valued self-esteem and self-reliance while staying physically and mentally fit.

Third, own your own business. So, four years after graduate school, I incorporated my first company while keeping my corporate job. It took 12 years to turn it into passive income streams to allow my family to travel around the world for a year. Eighteen years later, it enabled me to spend more time with dad last year. I now help my clients chart the same path in two months instead of two decades. Thanks dad.

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