Three E’s For Dealing With Difficult People

Rules for RenegadesChristine Comaford-Lynch’s book Rules for Renegades (p. 174) talked about how to deal with difficult people. I found her advice useful so I decided to share it here.

Equalize: Place yourself on par with the person in your mind. You both were drooling babies; you both will grow old and die; you both are made of the same stuff.

Exchange: Perhaps the person is suffering in some aspect of life. Maybe this is why the individual is so difficult to deal with. Remeber a time when you were struggling and ‘exchange’ your suffering for his or hers.

Embrace: Accept people exactly as they are. When you are annoyed by people’s behaviours, know that you cannot possibly change them. So, embrace or accept them just as they are. Later on, you can decide to interact with them or not.

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