Nine Reasons Why Project Failures Are Good

Project Management Successes and FailuresProject failures are good only if you can learn from your mistakes. With a keen eye on lessons learned and failure points, here are nine potential ways to turn a project failure into future project successes.

  1. design a case study around it
  2. update the organizational procedures
  3. institute new preventive policies
  4. add an item in the risk checklist
  5. document symptoms of the failure points
  6. create a gate-driven diagnostic tool
  7. revise the project management training manuals
  8. train the staff on how to prevent similar problems
  9. use as a basis for quantifying project failures

There are times when you can learn more from your project failures than from your project successes. As long as you keep your mistakes small by making them early, you can use them to become a better project manager.

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