A Fast Way To Book Project Meetings

Project Schedule ManagementYou know how challenging it is to schedule meetings with other individuals.

It is not that bad if the meeting attendees work for the same organization because you can usually view their availability. However, trying to book a meeting with individuals outside of the organization is a totally different ballgame. You can exchange a dozen e-mails with the project team and still not achieve a consensus.

Thanks to Doodle, you can now easily send meeting invitations to different individuals and have them vote on their preferred time(s) based on their availability. With just two e-mails, one to send the poll and the other one to book the meeting, you can schedule meetings in no time at all.

Doodle charges a small annual fee but you can easily get it back through increased efficiency and reduced aggravations!

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Learn to Ask for Help Sooner

Project Time ManagementOn my first consulting engagement, I spent one day trying to get my program to work. My manager noticed my frustrations so he offered to help. It turned out that I was just missing a period! During my performance review, he suggested that I should learn to ask for help sooner.

In scuba diving, if you get separated from your buddy, you are trained to look for no more than one minute. If unsuccessful, you need to ascend and reconnect at the surface.

At work, you should not be afraid to ask for help sooner. It is not a sign of weakness. If you are stuck on something, set a reasonable time limit. If you are still stuck, seek assistance upon reaching your time limit. By spending one minute to ask for help, you may save yourself an entire day.

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