Belonging, Believing and Becoming: Applying Religious Concepts to Project Team Building

Project Team BuildingAlthough some people may not believe in religions, we can definitely apply what Fr. Ed Murphy learned from a Jewish Cantor. Similar to religions, project team building requires three components: belonging, believing and becoming.

Popular motivational theories consider a sense of belonging as a key motivational factor. Team members need to feel that they are part of the project in order for them get a sense of “personal ownership, responsibility and commitment.”

Team members will believe in a project only if they feel that they are part of it. It cannot be forced upon someone. It can only grow through communication, collaboration and conflict resolution.

Becoming can be fostered by experiencing a sense of a belonging and believing in the project objectives. You will know that you have a well-built team when they start preaching the project benefits to others.

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Three Low-Cost Team Building Ideas

Project Team BuildingThe tough economic environment should not be used as an excuse to skip on team building activities. Given all of the negative news around us, now is the best time to lift the team’s morale. Here are three low-cost team building ideas that you can do during lunch breaks.

Interesting Facts Treasure Hunt: Each team member submits an interesting personal fact to the activity leader. The activity leader lists all of the facts. Each team member selects 25% of the facts from the list and attempts to match them to individuals. Award prizes as appropriate.

Impersonation Video: Ask them to make a funny video of their manager. Watch the videos during lunch. Vote on the top videos anonymously.

Team Potluck Lunch: Have each team member bring a home-made dish to be shared with the entire team.

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