Quick Question to Qualify and Quantify Quality

Measure SuccessIn all of my consulting engagements, be it in Asia, North America or Europe, I often hear my clients demand high-quality results—appealing appearance, greater glory, impeccable implementation, minimal maintainability, rapid response and so on. The benchmark for the aforementioned high-quality results shapes the opinions of the stakeholders when judging, upon completion, if the project objective was met or not.

It is hard to measure “very reliable” or “user-friendly interface” or “well-documented features.” So, whenever you are faced with such softy-touchy-feely project success criteria, ask one quick question to qualify and quantify the quality expectations: “How are you going to measure _____?”

It is better for you and your customer to agree on “three seconds response time” vs. “it should be fast.” Likewise, “within 5% of the budget” is far better than “may exceed the budget within reason.”

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