What is missing in the PMBOK® Guide Fourth Edition Collect Requirements process?

PMBOK® Guide Fourth EditionI applaud the new Collect Requirements process in the Project Scope Management knowledge area of the PMBOK® Guide Fourth Edition. Although eight tools and techniques were listed, I did not see practical tips to discern the advantages and disadvantages of each tool or technique. Such guidelines would have been useful for project managers when deciding which tool or technique to use. I am hoping to see it on the next edition.

Interviews—ideal if you have few stakeholders who are all located in one place; the disadvantage is it takes too much time to do

Focus groups, facilitated workshops, group creativity techniques and group decision making techniques—project managers should watch out for groupthink

Questionnaires and surveys—potential problems with low response rates

Existing stuff—valuable source of requirements; not even mentioned in the PMBOK Guide

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