Project Management in Exactly Three Words

Project Management in Three WordsThe PMBOK® Guide used 459 pages to document the project management body of knowledge.

Inspired by Dharmesh Shah’s Startup Advice In Exactly Three Words, the list of tasks below, in rough sequence, captures the essence of a project manager’s job.


– Develop the charter
– Identify all stakeholders


– Collect high-level requirements
– Define the scope
– Create the WBS
– Define WBS activities
– Sequence activities logically
– Assign activity owners
– Estimate activity durations
– Estimate activity costs
– Determine the budget
– Prepare the schedule
– Plan for quality
– Build the team
– Prepare communication plan
– Manage project risks
– Plan project procurements

Executing, Monitoring and Controlling

– Schedule weekly meetings
– Prepare weekly reports
– Assemble steering committee
– Provide committee updates
– Keep monitoring risks
– Ensure project quality
– Recognize good work
– Resolve issues quickly
– Adjust plans accordingly
– Communicate potential problems
– Motivate the team


– Close all contracts
– Capture lessons learned
– Celebrate project success

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