Eight Easy Steps to Eliminate E-mails

Empty E-mailLearn how to get rid of the e-mails in your inbox!

These steps are based on Outlook but they can also be done with other e-mail programs.

  1. Create five folders: Do, Defer, Delegate, Document and Delete*
  2. Group related e-mails by sorting them by subject
  3. Review each e-mail and decide
  4. If an action is needed today, move it to the Do folder
  5. If no immediate action is needed, move it to Defer (right click on the message, point to Follow Up and then click on Add Reminder)
  6. If someone else should do it, Delegate it and add a reminder
  7. If the e-mail contains useful information, move it to the Document folder
  8. If you cannot decide, move it to Delete

Prioritize the Do folder daily. Revisit the rest weekly.

*Dr. Estrella’s “Deadly D Folders”

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