Mind Map: An Indispensable Tool for Project Teams

MindJet's MindManagerWikipedia defined mind map as “a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged radially around a central key word or idea.”

For most project managers, mind map is an indispensable tool from the initiating to the closing phases of a project. At the beginning of a project, a mind map can be used to generate ideas to refine the project scope. After scope definition, a mind map facilitates the preparation of a work breakdown structure so that the project team can visualize the project. Mind map also helps with reporting and troubleshooting during project execution.

MindJet’s MindManager also captures business requirements. From the mind map, the user can automatically generate a Microsoft Word document at a touch of a button. MindManager can also import tasks into Microsoft Office Project.

Check out MindJet’s MindManager for more information.

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