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Lessons Learned in Project ManagementI woke up at 4:30 a.m. today; could not get back to sleep because of a Twitter-inspired book concept that was swirling in my head. If 140 experienced project managers can come up with 140 tips, each in 140 words or less, we’ll have a very concise body of knowledge that will be useful for all project managers.

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Tip: Ten words or less (start with an action verb)

Explanation: 110 words or less (describe the tip and the reason behind it; provide examples; use bullets for brevity)

Conclusion: 20 words or less (summarize your tip)

By participating, you are granting me full rights to publish and use your tip. You will not receive any compensation other than an attribution and an electronic copy of the book.

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Lessons Learned: SharePoint for Project Management

SharePointA client of mine installed SharePoint back in 2007 to manage a large program which comprised of twelve projects. Ten senior managers (not necessarily project managers) managed the projects. I chaired the monthly steering committee meetings and provided expert guidance on various aspects of the program.

Only three to four project managers used the SharePoint site regularly to upload the weekly status reports. Although it is common sense, we learned that we need to train ALL users how to use SharePoint in order for them to actively use it. We hardly used the following features: picture libraries, lists (announcements, calendars, tasks, etc.), discussion boards, surveys and so on. Again, it could be because of the lack of training.

We found the collaboration feature useful for team members who happened to be in North America, Europe and South America at various times. The e-mail notification for new uploads was useful too.

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