19 Reasons Why Project Management Is Useless

Project Management Is UselessProject management will remain ineffective and inefficient unless the:

Project sponsor

1. Gives a clear project objective
2. Helps craft a well-defined scope
3. Removes project obstacles
4. Mediates disagreements
5. Supports the project team

Customers or end-users

6. Help refine the project scope
7. Convey their requirements fully and clearly
8. Avoid changing their minds frequently
9. Adhere to the change management process

Subject matter experts

10. Highlight common pitfalls
11. Help vs. hinder decision making

Project team

12. Buys in to the project objective
13. Identifies all required tasks
14. Provides accurate estimates
15. Reports progress truthfully
16. Delivers on commitments
17. Focuses on business value vs. technical features

Project manager

18. Recognizes that there is no “I” in project
19. Resolves issues and risks that may arise from the 18 items above quickly, efficiently and effectively.

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