Seven Steps to Prevent Project Scope Creep

Project Scope ManagementPrevent undocumented and/or unapproved changes by strictly adhering to fundamental scope management and change request (CR) processes.

Unless there is an approved CR, do not allow changes on signed-off documents.

From Requirements to Solution

  1. Requirements Document (RD): gather requirements; conduct walkthroughs; prepare the final version; get signoffs
  2. Traceability: trace the proposed design (PD) against the RD (items not mentioned in the RD should not be in the PD); get signoffs
  3. Acceptance Checklist (AC): create based on RD and PD; get signoffs before starting solution development
  4. Actual Solution (product, service or result): accept only if it meets RD, PD and AC parameters

Change Request Process

  1. Establish a change control board (CCB)
  2. Submit all CRs to the CCB for “approval to estimate”
  3. CCB to approve, defer or reject the CR based on the estimated impacts

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