Six-Figure Passive Income Streams

Royalty ChequesWhen I was growing up, I never even imagined that one day I will become an author. It was a chance encounter with Dan Poynter, author of 130+ books, which opened the world of possibilities for me. At that time, never in my wildest dreams did I realize that it was possible to generate six-figure passive income streams from books.

More than ten years of long hours and a hundred thousand dollars of trials-and-errors later, I finally figured out a way to write a book, any book in any topic, which can predictably generate a six-figure passive income stream each time. That’s when I realized that my parents were wrong because they told me that “money doesn’t grow on trees.” Books are printed on paper which came from trees. So, money can grow from trees. But I have to give them some credit because electronic products and books don’t need trees to generate income for me day in and day out even when I am asleep! Read more …

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