Really Stupid Job Interview Mistakes

Job Interview MistakesIf you have been following my blog, you know that I primarily write about project management. However, I witnessed a situation today which compelled me to write about a different topic.

While waiting at the reception desk for my meeting, a gentleman approached the receptionist and mentioned that he has an interview with “Jeff”. Unfortunately, he can’t remember Jeff’s last name. I’m wondering how he expects the receptionist to find Jeff in a large financial organization. He added, “The interview is for an IT position.”

Although he looks decent, he had an earring, he was not wearing a tie, he did not polish his shoes and he was carrying a backpack. Even if he was able to connect with Jeff, do you think he’ll get a job offer? The receptionist politely told him, “I am sorry, I can’t help you.”

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2 thoughts on “Really Stupid Job Interview Mistakes

  • 2010-02-10 at 11:16

    Do I think he will get a job offer, quite possibly yes! Many companies, when hiring for ‘entry’ level IT jobs look for a technical able candidate but also for a person that is a good fit for the company culture. You don’t indicate if the fellow was new to the job force (younger) but I take from the description that he is and as such the earring and backpack not atypical.

    The question you left unasked is, would his chances for landing a job offer improve with a more traditional attire (suit, no jewelry/piercings, polished shoes). My answer would be yes, his chances would most likely improve.

  • 2010-02-11 at 12:03

    I too wondered what position he was pursuing. The culture of the intended org is not only important but his level and type of skill. If he is required to be creative, an earing and backpack with no tie will pass for some orgs.


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