Project Resource Overallocation: Why a Blank Resource Pool is Bliss

Microsoft Project Share ResourcesIf you manage multiple projects using Microsoft Project and you use common resources on some or all of them, you know how difficult it is to resolve resource overallocation. Here is one simple trick—use a blank resource pool.

Assume that you have Project A and Project B.

  1. Create a blank Microsoft Project file and call it “Resource Pool”
  2. Open Projects A and B
  3. Select Window / Arrange All to see all open files
  4. Select Project A and click on Tools / Resource Sharing / Share Resources
  5. Select “Use resources” from “Resource Pool” and “Pool takes precedence”, and then click on OK
  6. Repeat for Project B
  7. Switch to the Resource Pool and click on View / Resource Usage
  8. Insert the Project column to see which project is causing the over allocation

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