PMI Region 3 Leadership Summit – Day 2

PMI Region 3 Leadership Summit Closing Keynote - Dr. John A. Estrella, CMC, PMP
Halina St. James kicked off the second day with her presentation on The Power of You. We learned how to apply the Talkitout® technique and the Power of Story (facts tell—but stories sell) to improve our presentation skills.

Felix Moshkovich, CMC, PMP, presented PMI Southern Ontario Chapter’s (PMI-SOC) mentoring program and Michael Frenette, PMP, introduced us to the Technology Member Advisory Group.

In the afternoon, George Cescon, PMP, and his colleagues shared their experience at PMI Lakeshore on how to better serve the members. Abbas Alimorad and Danelle Peddell, PMP, of PMI South Western Ontario Chapter showed us how to deal with different cultures on the board. I delivered the closing keynote on social networking strategy and how it was implemented at PMI-SOC.

Overall, the entire leadership conference was awesome! We learned a lot about the local culture too.

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