Learn the fastest way to create a work breakdown structure (WBS)

WBS Chart ProWhisk through work breakdown structures by using WBS Chart Pro™

In the past, I used to create work breakdown structures (WBS) by brainstorming with my project team using a white board, sticky notes or by projecting my notes (old organizational hierarchy feature of Microsoft Office PowerPoint, a bullet list in Microsoft Office Word or the Gantt Chart view in Microsoft Office Project).

With WBS Chart Pro, you can visually create a WBS, as it should be, and then export the results into Microsoft Office Project. The bidirectional feature is really neat (changes in WBS Chart Pro get reflected in Microsoft Office Project in real-time and vice-versa). During your weekly progress meeting, you can use WBS Chart Pro to show a graphical summary of your project.

Go to Critical Tools to get more information and to download a trial version.

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2 thoughts on “Learn the fastest way to create a work breakdown structure (WBS)

  • 2009-04-07 at 09:25

    This looks like a valuable tool for those projects that require a WBS focus! I am going to try it out.


  • 2009-04-08 at 10:54

    @Robert, WBS Chart Pro is a great tool. I have been using it for several years now.


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