Distinguishing Delegation from Dumping

DelegationI received a direct message from one of my Twitter followers. He posited that I learn how to effectively delegate tasks. He even had a matching URL along the lines of “delegate what you hate to do.”

Do you see a paradox here?

Delegation is not just about “getting stuff off your plate” so that you can do bigger and greater things. If done properly, delegation is an excellent management tool for succession planning, skills development and staff motivation. Getting rid of unpleasant tasks should not be the primary reason for delegation.

Proper delegation provides the persons or teams who will do the work with opportunities to try something different, perhaps even stretch their limits. If there is no challenge, growth and/or motivation that can be gained from the delegated task, chances are, it is closer to dumping than delegating.

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2 thoughts on “Distinguishing Delegation from Dumping

  • 2009-05-26 at 15:28


    Your article does a great job of explaining ‘why’ or the benefits of delegation.

    I was a little disappointed in this article “Distinguishing Delegation from Dumping” as it does not really allow one to identify ‘dumping’ from “delegation’. The real title should have been similar to “Benefits of Delegation over Dumping” I also thought you might include the ‘steps’ for delegation which really distinguishes delegation from dumping.

    I gain valuable information from your articles. Keep them coming.


  • 2009-05-26 at 16:43

    Yes, your suggestion might be a better title.

    I’m not sure if it is obvious, but I keep my blogs to 140 words or less because I don’t have enough time to write longer blogs. It has its disadvantages but for the most part, it forces me to be creative and to get to the point quickly—so that people will read it too.

    So, the main objective of my blogs is to tickle people’s brain. If I get them to think, reply like yours is even better, then I have accomplished my goal. And, the discussions that follow usually offer multiple tangents on the topic at hand—often far better that I can explain it—just like you did.

    There are so many topics on “how to delegate” on the Web so I didn’t want to write another one.


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